Creating unique designs that balance the sophisticated strength of metal and the organic warmth of wood.

Cala Contemporary Woodwork specializes in handmade furniture made from wood and metal. We create pieces based on our own designs and take custom orders for both commercial and residential customers. 

Black epoxy + Locust wood
Black epoxy + Red cedar
The Cube
Molten metal + barn beams
Console table + Black walnut slab
Red cedar + Black epoxy
Black walnut top
Metal stitches on black walnut

Shipping World Wide


Shipping is one of the hardest tasks , but we have learned how to do it safely and efficiently. Whether your item is being shipped by land, air, or ocean, we know the process. For more delicate items or items that travel across the ocean, we even build a handmade crate to ensure safe arrival.


In addition, all items are insured so any damage that may happen during transport will be covered by the shipping company.



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