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About Cala Contemporary Woodwork

Cala's Roots

Harold was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras which is the industrial capital of the country. His parents are from a small, quaint village named Ceguaca and moved to the big city for better opportunities. With little education and money, but plenty of determination, his father began a furniture business called "El Trapiche". The family struggled financially for many years. However, his father's hard work and persistence paid off and the business eventually became very successful. From working at his father's business, Harold learned valuable skills like welding and woodworking; but the most valuable thing he learned from his father was to stay positive in the face of adversity.

  Ceguaca, Honduras

Detail & Design


Although Harold developed many trade skills by working at his father's business, he always had a strong artistic talent. In school, he created beautiful paintings and drawings that are still hung with pride at the family home in Honduras. He eventually went on to study architecture in Costa Rica which further honed his artistic abilities and gave him a passion for design. By combining his trade skills with his eye for design, Harold found his true talent which is creating gorgeous, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that you can't find anywhere else. Harold creates each piece one at a time so all of his time and attention goes into that particular item. His attention to detail and natural creativity allow him to create custom pieces that are more than just furniture; but also true pieces of art.

Continued Growth

What started as a small woodworking shop in Harold's two-stall garage quickly grew. In September of 2020, Harold purchased the former New Ulm water treatment plant and moved Cala's headquarters there. Renovating the building to meet his needs continues to be a labor of love. But, with more space comes more opportunity for creativity, larger scale projects, and continued growth.


The team at Cala is excited to be a part of the New Ulm community, and to share their passion for quality, handcrafted furniture with you - whether near or far!

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Behind the Scenes at Cala

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