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Closeup of freshly cut logs

Do you have logs to mill?

Did you finally get that tree cut down on your property and now you are wondering what to do with it? Bring it to us! We can process the wood for you so you can use it for your personal projects. 

Modern sawmill. Industry sawing boards f

Let us do the sawing!

You can bring the logs to us, fill out a form with your specifications and pick up the slabs or boards later. No time for that? No problem we will bring the sawmill to your place and mill all the wood on site.

$100/hour - on site (min. 1.5 hours)

$150/hour - off site (min. 2 hours)


+$1.50/mile for out of town service

+$50 blade replacement if your log damages our blade

Piles of wooden boards in the sawmill..j

Need the wood dried?

We are furniture makers as well and we understand the importance of correct humidity level in the wood. Need some advice? Not sure if your wood is ready? Don't worry! We offer humidity tests and kiln dry service.


Pricing depends on volume.

Contact us for quote.


Need it planed?

Let us do the messy work for you! We know the importance of a really nice and flat piece of wood to get that job to next level.

We use a 20" helical cutter head  planner that gives us the best result on curly and high figuring wood. The final result is a piece of wood that is so smooth that it looks like it is almost sanded. 

$0.40/board foot (one side)

$10 min

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